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about the show


Titas and Tea is a podcast that focuses on the experiences of the Filipino-Australian diaspora. It explores Filipino/a/x arts, culture, and politics. Each episode looks at the complexities of Filipino identity and history, and how members of the community make art, heal, and decolonise in response.  Your host is Gloria Demillo, bringing you the tsaa with the kapamilya.

we created titas and tea because we wanted to start the conversations we wish we had growing up 

Gloria Demillo (they/them) and Eunice Andrada (she/her) started Titas and Tea in 2019 to have conversations about growing up Filipino in Australia.


We started out wanting to be a podcast (mostly) about sex, dating, relationships, and decolonisation (a lot to cover). When we first started, we wanted to talk about everything - and so we did. 


We talked about our migration stories, embarrassing moments, and awful dating habits. We talked about racism we experienced and the healing we found in community. We talked about our poetry and art, the necessity of healthy friendships, and most importantly, we talked to you. 

Thank you for being part of Titas and Tea by listening and sharing your stories with us. 

As the show continues, Gloria will host each episode with members of the Filipino/a/x community.

But don't worry - Eunice isn't leaving forever. She'll come back for a chat every now and then.  

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